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India is an Epicurean's delight where every region writes up a new menu. With fresh ingredients, local masalas and the traditional tadkas, Indian cuisine bristles with a lot more.

Explore the
Authentic taste of
Indian Food.
Eat better to
Live better
Welcome to The Jaipur Home Cooking School,
Rajasthan India.
Explore India in its kitchens, know what you are eating, and learn to cook Indian Meals on your next vacation to this amazing land of culture and heritage. A Land where what comes to your platter changes with every season. A land with a food philosophy of Simple eating & Simple Living for a calmer mind is followed.
Where all we eat is a freshly prepared home-made meal..
Where art of pickling is taught only by grannies…
Where chapaties are round like the circle of life and curries are mystic…
Where cuisines of the world have merged into one…
We take you to take a peek into India’s vast Food heritage.
Eat better to live better..
Why choose JHC

It would be a mistake to see us as an alternative to the dozens of cooking schools in Jaipur. We've actually turned the concept of the cookery classes upside down, revamping them completely. We have made it into a fun-filled culinary experience. The lessons are informal and full of discussion about our rich tradition. We at JHC, will share our family food traditions & festival foods with our guests. We feel there is something very spiritual about food and the whole cooking experience. There is a sense of calmness when one is cooking as it involves all our senses. Culinary skills involve imagination, creativity of making something tasty from the available ingredients in the kitchen, balance in flavors, and the visual beauty.

Our priority is to bring the passion of 'home cooking' and not professional cooking, and with us you will interact with passionate home cooks time to time.

Here at JHC, you are an active participant from the moment you arrive. Whether it's starting at the local market each morning, grocery baskets in your hands, choosing the best, seasonal produce, or making round chapattis in our dream JHC kitchen, where you are never just a spectator. You will get your hands into the dough, rolling chapattis. You will meet the local vegetable sellers. The whole activity will familiarize you with seasonal fresh produce and essential spices for cooking an Indian meal. You will experience the local daily life of Indians. And upon the end of your cooking session you will return enriched with Indian culture and traditions.

Experience the
Local daily life of
Indian kitchen
Daywise Menu

Each day a different popular snack with Indian Chai and sumptuous curry preparations along with choice of Indian breads like roti, puri, naan, bhatura will be taught. Basics of making a masala curry, learning the art of adding spices to change the flavors and secrets of making Indian desserts to impress family back home. The class will start with an introduction of the basics of Indian Cuisine and the dishes you will be cooking for the day. At your personal cooking station you will be guided to cook your own meal all the way through. At the end of the class the full course meal prepared by you will be served in the dinning section. Enjoy & share your joy of accomplishment with your friends and loved one.

Courses & Rates
All rates in India Rupees

Home Cooking Course
2500 INR / person *
Duration: 3 -4 hrs
  • Course fee includes: Ingredients, recipe, Bottled water, Full course meal.

  • Prices subject to change due to inflation without prior notice.

  • Coke, Juices and other aerated drinks are available with surcharge

Evening Culinary Heritage Rickshaw Tour
1500 INR / person *
Duration 2 hours
  • Includes Food Sampling at various Location

  • Bottled Water


From the Market to the Table
  • Grocery shopping at local spice shop with our food guide for general introduction of local spices, ingredients & seasonal vegetables used in Indian cuisine.

  • One cooking session at JHC Kitchen of Srihara Bed & Breakfast , where you will learn to prepare the full course meal which includes: Indian Daal (Lentils), Tomato Onion Curry with PANEER (Cottage Cheese) etc, Indian ROTI (Chapatti), Indian Rice and a dessert to complete the meal.

  • At the end of the class the full course meal will be served in the dining section.

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Srihara Bed & Breakfast for Women
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India